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Petites Pommes | Classic Swim Ring

The Petites Pommes swim ring is a reborn childhood classic - made with careful attention to detail. Designed with the classic Petites Pommes stripes, the floats come in multiple colours.

Charleston is a deep dark brown – a Petites Pommes classic. The Charleston is beautifully combined with earthy neutrals, greens, pale blues and faded pinks.

Calile is a beautiful muted green and a perfect complementary colour to neutrals, browns, soft blues, and shades of pink. It’s a great unisex option and just as beautiful for children as it is for adults.

French Rose is a subtle vintage pink. The French Rose is beautifully combined with a range of colours, from white, neutrals and browns to blue, green and yellow.

Can be perfectly paired with the Petites Pommes armbands or paddling pool.


Available in 45cm (18cm inner diametre)

petites pommes calileswim ring
petites pommes charleston swim ring
petites pommes charleston swim ring
petites pommes french rose swim ring