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Nobodinoz | Croquet Set

Nobodinoz revisits a historical game that has crossed the centuries by bringing it into the 21st century with trendy, modern colours.

Whether indoors or outdoors, whether in a team or on your own, croquet is the best game to play anytime, anywhere.

From the size of the mallets to the colors of the balls, everything is designed to be child friendly. It can be easily carried around with its 100% cotton bag.

Made in France, by loyal artisans in the Jura region, giving preference to noble materials such as hornbeam and beech wood.

  • 34 x 6 cm (stick) + diam 4 cm (ball) + diam 10 cm (arch)
  • 4 mallets
  • 4 balls
  • Handcrafted in the Jura, France
  • solid beech wood
  • non-toxic ink
  • small 100% cotton bag
croquet set