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Expertly chosen nutrients by Wild Nutrition. Contains 100% natural food nutrients with no fillers or chemicals. Contains FOOD-GROWN® Folate, a natural form of folic-acid for nerve and brain development.

+ FOOD-GROWN® Folate

‘Folate’ is found in food, whereas ‘folic acid’ is a synthetic substance.
Folic acid may be harder for the body to use, requiring conversion
to folate, and not all women can make this conversion adequately.

Folate has been shown to be better retained in the body than synthetic, isolated folic acid forms.

+ Choline
A baby’s developing brain thrives on choline (a phospholipid).

+ FOOD-GROWN® Iodine
Iodine is needed for healthy growth of the baby, as well as for thyroid
and hair support for the mother.

+ FOOD-GROWN® CoEnzyme Q10
This delivers energy and antioxidant protection for mother and baby.

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