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There’s no reason for travel to stop once bubba comes along. Take courage! It’s not always easy and there is an inevitable learning curve, but it can be done. We’ll make suggestions here but only you will know exactly what keeps bubba happy on a journey. Parents who may have been confident about travelling before, may feel differently since the pandemic. However, with travel restrictions easing, new parents will be keen to reunite with family and friends. The key factors when travelling with bubba without losing your mind, are planning ahead and accepting that not everything will go smoothly. 

The new guidelines and advice for safe travel during COVID are being updated constantly, so it may sound obvious but ensure you check the latest advice while planning your trip and then regularly up until your departure date. Don’t leave home without a packet of antibacterial wipes. Bubba is likely to be prone to infections now they are exploring outside of their bubble, so don’t be embarrassed to wipe down any surfaces they may be touching in public. 

We believe snacks are often the answer to many of life’s problems and these are the main things you won’t want to be without. We are obsessed with the silicon snack pots from Blossom & Bear, that are easy to grip and hard to spill. Small toys that can be easily transported are the best distraction on a trip or in a restaurant. We recommend taking a favourite that you know bubba loves and a new interesting one. Consider wrapping it first, so they can tear it open, adding an extra level of excitement.

Clothes that can be easily changed in case of potty training accidents or general food mess are essential. Remember all-in-ones are harder to change in a small space such as a car, plane or baby changing facility. Plan your packing list ahead of time and though it’s tempting, do your best to not overpack. It’s not worth the extra weight and it will make finding anything in your bags impossible. 

If you’re flying, remember to keep any items that may need to be removed at security in easily accessible places. Eating and drinking will help bubba with the discomfort of a change in air pressure. Members’ departure lounges are much more peaceful areas when you’re waiting for a flight. If you’re not a member, most airports sell day passes but this can work out expensive. Consider sending luggage ahead. Even a smart packer with a willing helper, is going to struggle with luggage if you have more than one bubba. 

As much as we generally advise limiting screen time, we are not above using a smartphone or tablet to keep bubba occupied when travelling. Bubbas under the age of two are generally the easiest with which to travel. They need less distractions. Getting them used to travel early will only be beneficial for your family later. Do your best to keep them in their sleeping and eating routine. This way you can plan your own peaceful times. Both you and bubba need to stay hydrated. This is especially important for breastfeeding mothers.

Get travel insurance. Having a sick child in a country where you don’t speak the language can be a scary experience. Travel insurance will give you peace of mind. Even if you don’t have to use it, it will be worth every penny.

Be prepared for this trip to be a little slower than you might be used to and stay calm. Most other human beings will appreciate that you’re doing your best to keep your child calm. Just focus on making bubba comfortable. It is not your job to soothe the grumpy adults. Make sure to remember to enjoy your trip and take lots of photos, even when times get stressful. These early years are priceless.

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