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Sensory exploration is the perfect way for your little bubba to stimulate their senses through touch, sound, smell and sight. As their little brain develops, it is important for young children to develop proper sensory processing capabilities.

Sensory play offers many benefits including enhancing fine motor skills, problem solving, language skills and improving personal, social and emotional development.

How you can you encourage sensory play at home?

For younger children, play some calming music in a low lit room whilst using different sources of light alongside textured balls and bold colours and prints. Remember, up until the age of two to three months, babies can only detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white.

A stimulating sensory experience for slightly older children (one year plus) can be something as simple as filling pots and pans with dried household goods like rice, lentils and grains.

We are offering sensory classes at Bubba & Me at our flagship Tunbridge Wells store. If you're interested in booking a spot at one of our classes follow the link below:

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