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Picca Lou Lou | Hippo Hilary

Picca Loulou Moon Parties are the best! In a magical world, not far from ours, live the wise and happy creatures of Picca Loulou.

Together with their beloved friend Moon, they bring joy and happiness to children all around.

Meet hippo Hilary. Dear Hippo Hilary, with her classy crown. She doesn't think crowns are for parties or special occasions, she'd rather wear it all the time. A hippo with that much poise, have you ever seen it? Y

Your Picca Loulou item is handcrafted and made of cotton & linen, with a 100% recycled stuffing. You can wash it, but we don't recommend using a machine. Hand wash only.

Hippo Hilary by Picca Loulou
picca loulou hippo hilary