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Picca Lou Lou | Alligator Alfred

Meet Alligator Alfred. The Picca Loulou friends live in a magical world far away from here, or well, less far away than you might think. Together with their beloved friend Moon, they bring happiness and joy to children everywhere. The colourful characters are designed to develop your little bubba's creativity and imagination.

“No one should be afraid of me, I always wear glasses because to be honest, I can't see anything without them. And, when I put on my glasses, I love everyone so much!”

Picca Loulou items are made of cotton and linen, with a 100% recycled filling. Your Picca Loulou item can be washed, but preferably not in the washing machine.

    Brand: Picca Loulou

    Material: Cotton and linen

    Dimension: 24cm

alligator alfred by picca loulou
alligator alfred