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Eco Rascals | Snail Plate


Do you have a snail paced eater in your home? This snail plate has a detachable suction which grips firmly to any smooth surfaced high chair or table. The bases are available in pink or green. It is a great size for early eaters but can see them all the way through to when they are bigger. It has a large section for main meals and finger foods and a smaller section which is great for dipping or introducing new food.

The high walls feature on the plate allow little bubbas to grow confidence in self-feeding.  It is completely non-toxic.

Care and Instructions

Remove the suction base and wash in warm soapy water before first use. This is how you should wash the plate after each use too. 

Store in a dry cupboard and only reattach the suction base for next use to allow the bamboo time to breathe. 

Snails do not like to get too hot or too cold so please don’t put it in microwaves, ovens, sterilisers, dishwasher or freezers – It might appear to be coping fine but it’ll last longer if you don’t.

Please always supervise children when eating.

To keep your bamboo bowls and plates looking their best, coat in coconut oil every three months and leave to dry overnight. 

pink eco rascals snail plate