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If you’ve recently discovered that you’re pregnant and are looking at safe and beneficial ways to stay fit and also improve your mental well-being, look no further than prenatal yoga. 

Prenatal yoga has numerous benefits including helping you prepare for labour and also promote your little bubba’s health. This form of yoga encourages stretching, mindfulness and focused breathing. Research has strongly suggested that prenatal yoga is both safe and can actually have a positive impact on both your health and your baby’s. 

During the late stages of the third trimester, women have been known to suffer from insomnia or irritable sleep and this is where the practice of yoga can significantly help. Prenatal yoga can help improve your sleep by increasing mindfulnesses and connectivity to your body.

As we all know, pregnancy and becoming a parent can be a rather daunting and overwhelming thought. Yoga can help alleviate the stress and anxiety. By learning different breathing techniques you can increase the oxygen supply in your blood which helps calm and soothe the nervous system.

Prenatal yoga is also a gentle way to stretch throughout your pregnancy which helps prepare your body for labour.

We offer prenatal yoga classes at our Tunbridge Wells store with the incredible Brigid Godwin from Unity Yoga. The pregnancy yoga class is a unique blend of pregnancy yoga, birthing tips, mindfulness and hypnobirth. They help to prepare your mind as well as your body for the huge physical, emotional and spiritual event of bringing a child into the world. 

They help you to stay comfortable and strong during your pregnancy as well as introduce breathing, movement and calming techniques that have proven to be invaluable to so many mums during labour.

As a 500 hour British Wheel of Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher, Birthlight Perinatal and Postnatal teacher, Active Birth Teacher (trained by Janet Balaskas), KG Hypnobirth Diploma Holder, Mindfulness teacher, Advanced Women’s Wellness Practitioner, Mindbody coach and a trained doula with over 20 years as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher, she has many resources to draw on to help you have the best experience possible.  


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